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Ganzheitliches Gesundheitscoaching


Holistic health coaching

Body and mind cannot be separated; physical complaints can lead to psychological complaints and vice versa. Unfortunately, our healthcare system still tinkers with symptoms far too often instead of getting to the bottom of the causes.


Eating a healthier diet can be an important first step towards bringing about an improvement. In combination with changes in other areas such as exercise, good stress management and regular relaxation, even better and lasting results can be achieved. 


Holistic means looking at the cause of the complaints on all levels - body and mind. To achieve optimum results, it also makes sense to take measures in different areas of life.


In health coaching, we work closely together and I help you to achieve your health goals. This often includes creating individual nutrition plans, promoting an active lifestyle and supporting you in implementing behavioural changes. I motivate, guide and give you feedback to support you in the best possible way.


My aim is to make you an expert on your own body. To give you the tools you need to achieve your personal health goals.

Mental coaching

Originally from the world of sport, mental training is now also used successfully by many managers. But it is also becoming increasingly popular in the private sphere, as it is a very effective method for finally getting rid of annoying habits such as smoking, freeing yourself from fears or simply gaining more self-confidence. Optimise your way of thinking! 

You are what you think!

The power of our thoughts is powerful, they cannot simply be switched off, sometimes we feel downright at their mercy. Unfortunately, our brain doesn't care whether we actually experience a situation or simply imagine it! When we imagine something, the same cells are active in the brain as when we actually do it! New findings from brain research show that when we have negative thoughts, the synapses in our brain that are responsible for unpleasant feelings become more and more powerful and the synapses that are responsible for contentment, relaxation and happiness become weaker and weaker!

But - fortunately - it also works the other way round: positive thoughts make us more optimistic and strengthen the "good" synapses again. 

Thoughts lead to physical reactions. An example: When you think about an unpleasant situation, do you notice how your body tenses up and your pulse quickens? Thinking about it the other way round, we can "beam" ourselves into another situation with the help of our imagination. This means that if we find ourselves in an unpleasant situation, e.g. at the dentist, we can imagine that we are lying on our favourite beach. The more of our senses are involved, the better - in our imagination we can hear the sound of the sea, smell the salty air and feel the sun on our skin.


Children find this particularly easy as their imagination is still very much alive, but the older we get, the more we lose this "magic". But we can train our imagination - with mental training!

How does mental training work and cow can you personally benefit from?

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